Our team


With the foundation of Gordian Knot, Lena Machetanz and Johannes Kirchebner have created a Premium Mindfactory. Psychiatry and psychotherapy are redefined – comprehensive, pragmatic and preventive. In our Mindfactory, potentials are unfolded and polished. Our philosophy involves taking a critical look at social developments and the incorporation of the latest research and digital approaches.


PD Dr. med.
Johannes Kirchebner, MAS

Senior Consultant and senior lecturer (“Privatdozent”) at the University of Zurich, research group leader, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy with a focus on behavioral therapy, specialist in forensic psychiatry.

«I have always asked myself: what makes us human, what is our purpose and how do we cope with life? – that’s why I became a psychiatrist. Life keeps throwing challenges at us – complex and sometimes seemingly insurmountable. Even if they are difficult, I am convinced that we will grow from facing and overcoming them. Gladly and with fascination I accompany you in this process.»

Dr. med.
Lena Machetanz

Consultant and lecturer at the University of Zurich, psychoanalysis and phytotherapy, CAS forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy

«Life constantly presents us with challenges that must be mastered. Before the how, however, is the why. Only when we understand why we think, feel and act as we do, can we continue to develop. Thus, looking back enables us to move forward. Because even if it doesn’t always seem that way – life is worth being recognized. On this journey, I offer you my support and enthusiasm to actively venture into new territories.»