You don’t want things to stay as they are. You want to change your situation, leave it, improve it. To do this, you first have to send your head, your mind, your thoughts onto a new playfield. Outside the box. Only there will you gain a new perspective on your status quo and yourself. And unlock potentials in the process. We are ready to guide you onto this exclusive playfield. With profound knowledge, experience and creativity, and not least with the help of the latest research and technology.

Gordian Knot provides more than just therapy. It tackles the issue at a much earlier stage. Preventive.


Top performance has its price. And its value.

Your investment: CHF 500.00 per hour
The return: invaluable

and effective

Do you want to take your career to the next level? Are you striving for personal development? Are you looking for meaning and clarity in a rapidly changing world? Our coaching offers are tailor-made. To you and your individual situation. Therefore we like to move out-of-the-box. If necessary, we use complementary herbal remedies or classical psychotropic drugs – according to your personal needs.

machine learning

AI instead of
fortune telling

Progressive digitalization and the possibility of data mining are generating unprecedented amounts of data in sectors such as business, healthcare and leisure.

But it is only through the application of modern statistical analyses, with the help of artificial intelligence, that these data amounts reveal their true treasure: complex and previously undiscovered relationships between phenomena. This allows models to be built that can be used to predict future trends and developments. As a specialist with many years of research in Machine Learning we offer you such analyses for various sectors.



Nature at
your service

Nature can heal. And it does so in a very wide variety of ways. It would be foolish not to take the benefit of this. It is not without reason that herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medical therapy.

Its effectiveness has been proven. Being certified in phytotherapy, Lena Machetanz uses herbal remedies in a complementary, targeted manner in the sense of a holistic understanding of therapy. Our offer includes herbal products of recognized manufacturers as well as our own mixtures, specially formulated for you.


Therapy for Men

The essence
of manhood

With societal change taking place at almost all levels, the clear definition of what makes a man a man has been widely eroded.

What does masculinity stand for today? Can there still be classic male domains at all? How does a man find his own individual place? We work on these challenges, together and free of any taboos. One-to-one or in an exchange among peers.


Women’s’ Therapy

It’s a man’s world –
or is it?

No doubt about it: psychotherapy and coaching specifically for women is a must. Growing opportunities for both personal and professional development present women with increasingly complex challenges.

How masculine does a woman need to be in the corporate world as she embarks on her career path? Does she even have to? How does she meet the many, often blatantly contradictory expectations that are placed upon her? We discuss these topics from woman to woman.